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USB-C Chargerito charger for mobile devices

USB-C Chargerito

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micro-USB chargerito phone charger

Micro-USB Chargerito

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Chargerito is a tiny mobile device charger that plugs into the wall

Connectors fold flush

Then unfold to secure your device while charging

Fits anywhere

So you always have a charger on hand for your phone, tablet or wearable

World's Smallest Wall Charger

No batteries, no cords

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Will Chargerito work if my device is in a case?

Yes for the vast majority of cases. We built the connectors to stick up enough that Chargerito will not interfere with any cases. We abide by Apple's guidelines so as long as your case does too (most do), it will work with Chargerito.

What types of electrical outlets does Chargerito work with?

Right now it only works with U.S. standard electrical outlest (NEMA 110V AC outlets). Soon we plan to offer the chargerito for other types of electrical outlets found throughout the world.

How long does it take Chargerito to charge a device?

In short, about twice as fast as an external battery or USB cable connected to another device like a laptop. It varies significantly according to the device being charged, room temperature, age of the battery, etc., but Chargerito charges as quickly as the leading in-wall chargers out there. It takes about one hour to charge an iPhone 7 from 0 to 100%.

How is my device held securely as it charges?

Chargerito fits firmly into the wall outlet and can support a lot of weight, as shown in our demo video, so even something as heavy as an iPad will charge safely on it. That said, if something were to knock into the side of your device forcefully, such as a toddler, cat, or oblivious person, that could knock it off its perch. Chargerito is actually designed to break before your device does, so it's a much less expensive fix.

What are the electrical specifications?

In: 100 - 240VAC 50 - 60Hz 200mA

Out: 5 VDC 1A 5W

What certifications does this product have?

Chargerito is certified by UL, MFi (Apple), RoHS, FCC and PSE.