USB-C Chargerito Pre-Order

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Note these units are not yet in stock, but you can place a pre-order here at a highly discounted price. We expect to ship these units in March of 2018.

The World's Smallest Phone Charger

Chargerito is a tiny mobile device charger that plugs into the wall. It fits easily in your pocket, so you always have a charger on hand for your phone, tablet or wearable.

  • Secures device while charging
  • Rapid Charging
  • Prongs fold flush for travel
  • No more knots and tangled cords

Chargerito is not just another battery pack that you have to charge separately or USB charger that has to plug into another device.

Every time you leave the house, you make sure you have your phone, wallet, and keys. Now with Chargerito on your keychain you'll also always have a charger. Everyone already has a charger in their home, workplace, and car, but what about all those unexpected scenarios where you find yourself with low battery and no easy way to charger your phone? Since Chargerito is always with you, never worry about running out of battery at the wrong time.


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